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Welcome to iCam!

Consumer DIY Surveillance by Mobile ReVival

Sense - View - Detect - Alarm. Complete.

Contact us at if interested to use or contribute to iCam. Project can be found also here.

Transform your camera phone into an easy-to-use, 0-cost video/photo/audio surveillance system, enhanced with motion detection and audio analysis, which can transmit data via 3G/WiFi/Bluetooth. And use YouTube, Picasa or our server to securely store and view the recorded data, in real time on any device (mobile phones, PCs, tablets).
The service is offered for free and we would like you to help us in extending the project - we use Python and Qt/PySide to develop the project.
Take a look at the demo.

iCam has the following components:

iCam offers a Push-notification like system. Also you can get notified via email.

The solution is deployed (on older Nokia phones - N95, 6680) and in use already for 1 year, without interruption.

Enter device ID to access your phone's uploaded data:
You can get the ID by selecting "Display Info" or "Display device ID" in the menu of the application.

To use iCam follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Download the phone client application. (The phone application takes periodically photos or video/audio recordings and uploads the content on the server.)

2. Run the iCam phone client application. The application can work offline, but we recommend to use an Internet connection, either via a WiFi Wireless Access Point (WLAN), or GPRS/EDGE/3G connection. To cut down costs when using several phones with iCam, you can use Bluetooth for communication.
You can find here a non-exhaustive list of options for Mobile Internet Connection that might guide you in your choice.

3. Specify in the iCam phone client application your login details for YouTube and Picasa - for user specify just the Google account name without We recommend you to use these Google services: the videos and photos iCam uploads are tagged as private, so nobody else could access them unless you specifically want to. So, privacy is ensured, and these services are secure. Note that you need a Google account with YouTube and Picasa enabled.
Then hit Start to start capturing.

Then you can access your uploaded media on YouTube and Picasa, if you chose so (highly recommended) either directly or with the iCam Viewer. Data on the iCam server can be viewed also in a very user-friendly fashion, either with a browser or with the iCam Viewer.
Note: To be able to view movies in a browser we require VLC 1.1 or later installed on your computer - you can get the installation kit from here. While running the installation, make sure you select the Mozilla plugin.

You can create more complex setups of phones, allowing them to commincate together. More information will be available soon.

Not important: Cydia, Quick OBEX, AFM, Snake4A:), SL4A.